Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lucid Dreams - How To Do It Properly

Dreams refers to those dreams which one sees with a certain amount of lucidity, that is, the dreamer is consciously aware of the fact that he is in a dream. In lucid dreams how to induce the lucidity condition, then how to maintain it once achieved, thereafter how to proceed to the advanced stages for full dream control are some of the most common and pertinent questions.

Firstly, in case of Lucid Dreams, how to bring about the lucidity or induce the required mental state is the primary question. Always remember that your main objective is to let your body sleep while keeping your mind conscious and wakeful during your journey from the realm of consciousness to the dreams.

In doing so, the main factors are those of preparation, relaxation and meditation. Prepare yourself for it by arranging for a dimly lit, calm and quiet room where you would not be disturbed. Prepare yourself by wearing loose and comfortable clothing and not having food items like caffeine or non vegetarian which generates heat and increases the number of thoughts in your mind. Do away with all negative thoughts, calm your mind and relax for this one in a lifetime experience.

In lucid dreams, how to attain the required level of relaxation is crucial. The best thing to do would be to tense your entire body and thereafter select each part by part and relax it completely. Top this with basic meditation techniques and you will be on your way to relaxing your mind at the same time keeping your mind focused to attain the required condition of deep trance.

As a second factor, in lucid dreams, how to maintain or continue with the lucid condition without waking up is one of the most vital things to know and master. In this regard it must be said that if you feel that you are loosing grip on your lucid dream with the dream settings suddenly fading away, or your extra efforts to change something is making you wake up altogether, are somethings which can be controlled by the techniques of dream spinning and verbal commands

The term dream spinning refers to the act of standing in a single spot and turning like a top, spinning round and round like a kid. This tool comes to extensive use in case you are unable to bring on a desired dream setting of your choice or in case of loosing clarity. Moreover, verbal affirmations or the act of continuously stating to your own mind whatever it is that you want to manifest in your dream, is the second way out of any problems in your lucid dream experience.

Moreover, talking about lucid dreams, how to overcome nightmares is also a frequently asked question. It must be said that the very knowledge that it is only a dream works wonders for the nightmare issue. Moreover, say that there's this monstrous beast which frequently attacks you in your dreams, try to stay calm and administer dream control by constantly saying to yourself that "this time the beast will be friendly to me" and you will be amazed at how effectively nightmares can be overcome in lucid dreaming.

One can conclude from the above discussion that lucid dreaming is an experience of a lifetime for which effort needs to be put in. Thus, this effort can be made less and easier by meditation on one hand which will handle all 'pre lucid dreams, how to' questions while the two techniques mentioned above would answer all the 'post lucid dreaming, how to' questions.

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